Friday, January 16, 2009

So I had to blog about it

Last night Truck was looking through the shows on his DVR and he said "What day is it?" I replied, "Thursday the 15th".  I was unsure if he wanted to know the day of the week or the actual date, so I helpfully supplied both. Yes I am very nice like that.  Then he said, "What was yesterday?"  I said "Wednesday, the 14th, stupid.  Don't make me blog about you."

I have been writing this since October 28th, 2008 and it is already such a permanent part of my life that every conversation, event and thought has blog potential.  


  1. Too much tv makes you dumb. Or maybe it's the tobacco in his lip eating away at his brain. Poor little brother of mine.

  2. You are a mean sister and a bad person in general! My husband is the smartest person I know! And, I for one need to apologize for even questioning his intent with his date questions. I am just grateful to have him around and will not make him the fodder of my "blog" any longer.

  3. FOUL!!!!!!!!!

    Truck is logged on as me and making comments as me.

    The gloves are off, asshat (I got that from a favorite blog of mine - its a great word, no?)

  4. Oh my, that is defintely some sort of party/blog imposters. And I knew it couldn't be you, Jen, because I know you think I'm the bestest sister in the world! Truck loves me too, so much so that it clouds his memory sometimes. But I know it's true!