Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I think I failed the mediocrity confession thing

What I really should have shared with you is a picture of my garage and my ugliest pair of underwear.  Truly scary stuff.

Here's the deal... I can't.  I know that probably only about 4.5 people read this with any regularity, but 3.5 of those folks already know what my garage looks like and don't judge me for it.  Only one reader has seen the ratty undies, but he is married to me, so it doesn't count.

I even reread my handwritten mediocrity post.  A bunch of carefully edited crap.  I am just not ready to REALLY let you guys in.  Possibly, I will never be ready.  

I'll work on sharing more of the "real" me with all 4.5 of you.  You deserve it for your loyalty.

Or possibly I will just throw out the undies and clean the garage.

1 comment:

  1. I view your garage as more of a storage facility that you have cleaned out enough that you can park a car in one side. So, no worries there. And I don't really want to see the bad panties...I'll just trust you on that one.