Saturday, January 17, 2009

So I owe Jo this post

Last night Jo commented on her facebook page that she was cleaning.  I reacted like jerk and said some sarcastic stuff about how I had passed out upon hearing that.  I also outed her about the fact that you aren't actually cleaning if you are on facebook.  

This morning I had an attack of guilt.  Not because I was mean to Jo.  She can take it.  I felt bad because I have been reading some stuff lately about the "Ministry of Mediocrity" and was all into it, I thought.

I'm not sure where the term actually comes from, or who to really give credit to, but I read about mediocrity here and here.  It is a cool idea.  The premise is that you show your flaws to help other people get over their own insecurities.  

I am an unashamed mocker, usually.  Today I am ashamed of myself. Jo was bravely putting her flaws out there and I did not support her. 

Showing my flaws is not a strong suit of mine.  Sure I can be self deprecating, but not ever about the things that REALLY bother me about myself. I will vacuum the rug before Huck has friends to play, as if six year old boys would notice crumby rugs.  I will actually delete pictures off my camera because the background shows toys all over the floor.  I have almost NO pictures of me with my kids.  I say it is because I am always the one behind the camera, but really its because I delete any picture of me that isn't flattering.

I hand wrote some ideas for a post last night.  I was going to call it "So I am confessing my mediocrity".  It was (obviously) going to be hysterical, but heartwarming.  Now I don't deserve that post.  It would have been great, but I am punishing myself and letting it fade away.

In my great post I was going to tell you some of my dirty little secrets about hairy legs and messy closets.  It was going to border on TMI, but not cross the line.  Slightly crass, but not full on tacky.

Instead I am going to simply post a picture of the most embarrassing mess in my house currently and a picture of myself, unedited, exactly what I look like right now.  No shower, glasses on, no make-up, bad angle and lighting because I am taking it myself... Yikes!

Until now, I didn't have a current picture of myself on this blog because I can't stand the thought of posting something that makes me look less than perfect.  Wow, am I really that shallow?  Yup.  That's why these pictures will come down in a few days.  Shallowness is one of my many mediocre traits.  Feel free to mock me.  I would do the same to you.

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  1. know I don't mind calling myself out for my shortcomings. And I appreciate a little good natured teasing! And if that counter is your messy space, then I wish my house looked like yours. You know you would encounter that much mess about 2 feet into my apartment and it gets worse from there. I did get a lot done yesterday, but I still need to filter through all the mail that is piled up in various counters, dining room table, coffee table, mantel, computer cabinet, bathroom counter, etc. But I did get the dirt swept up off the porch from the sod I had for Sophie back in November. Now, that's some progress!