Friday, January 23, 2009

So Huck considered the Presidency

Last night, after I read "Change Has Come" with Huck, we had this conversation:

Huck - You know that day earlier this week?  The big one?
Mama - The Inauguration?
Huck - Yes.  Well after Miss J. showed us the in-awg-ra-shun on the internet, she read us a book about The White House.  Did you know that Barack Obama and his family get to live in The White House now and they get to redecorate The Oval Office to their own taste?
Mama - Yeah, I heard about that.
Huck - So now I can't decide if I want to be a civil engineer or The President when I grow up.
Mama - You want to be The President so you can live in The White House?
Huck - And redecorate The Oval Office to my taste.
Mama - (Holding back laughter at mental picture of The Oval Office redecorated to the taste of a six year old boy) Okay, do you know how you become The President?  Other than getting elected, I mean.
Huck - No, is it hard to do?
Mama - Sort of, yeah.

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