Friday, January 2, 2009

So I am ready for the holidays to be OVER already

I was really excited about the holidays this year.  Having Huck out of school for Christmas break seemed like a good rest from the school day schedule we have been mired in.  On top of that Truck ends up taking about two weeks off for the holidays as well.  I was looking forward to two weeks with all my boys.

Okay, it was fun and all, but I'm just not that into it anymore.

I am ready for Huck to go back to school.  I am ready for Truck to go back to work.  I love them, but apparently I love them more in small doses.

Worm and I got up and dressed and went to Wal-Mart alone this morning. He hollered for popcorn chicken (see the Dec 11 post).  He dropped a lot of it.  He stole my pen (I shop with a list and cross it off as I go, yes I am that anal). He wrote on his face.  He scribbled on my list making some of my items appear crossed off before they made it in the cart (I didn't actually miss any items on my list, but it seriously bothered me to have them crossed off the list before they were in my cart.  YES I AM THAT ANAL). He wanted a drink, but not the drink I brought. He wanted cookies. I had to backtrack to the bakery for a cookie. He dropped his cookie.  He cried.  I went back to the bakery. He wanted some bee (see the Dec 16 post).  I had to buy some bee.  He pulled 10 packages of tortillas off a shelf.  He kicked me in the head while I picked up the tortillas. He got mad when I wouldn't let him throw apples.  

IT WAS FANTASTIC!  It was normal.  I want my airtight, stuck in a rut, school day schedule back.


  1. I'm so ready to get back to my normal schedule too. It's been nice to have some time off from work and it will suck to go back to a 5-day work week, but I'm ready for the daily grind to get back to normal! I do much better when I'm in my own little fish bowl and life is simple and predictable. I feel like my bowl has been tipped over and my little treasure chest is all askew and I don't know what to do with myself right now! Everything should get back to normal about the time I head off to Hawaii...not that I'm complaining about that! But I do understand the appeal of the rut.