Friday, January 16, 2009

So no call for Latinas Barber Shop today

I held my breath at 12:30 today.  No call.  No one said "Carmen?" to my tentative hello.  

I always say, "No this is not Carmen, this is a residence, not a business."  What I really want to say is, "Do I sound like a Carmen you fuckwits!"

I am now worried that AT&T has joined forces with the manufacturers of Tootsie Rolls and my local heating repairmen.  

Mostly I posted this just to practice my new linking back to old posts skill.  It is totally fun.  I'm really not that busy here, people.


  1. Maybe Carmen's fans are fans of the blog too...and they realized the negative impact their phone calls were having on the life of you and your child so they decided to move along to some other wrong number. Maybe.

  2. MY SISTA! So glad to see you on the conspiracy theory train with me. I do have to shake my head at your naivety, though. Don't think for one minute that Carmen's callers aren't associated with the TR faction and the heating and air militia.

  3. I just heard that the heating militia hit the in-laws house last night! I'm surprised that you didn't have 2 old folks and 2 puppies at your door at 3 this morning!

  4. If you feel the need to publicly denounce me in order to protect yourself, I will understand (I am singing "I will understa -an-an-an-and" from the song Jumper really loudly [in my head]).

    A fire scare is a low blow, H&A militia. I know you are reading this and I am telling you to Back The F Off!

  5. Yeah...we know people who know people who take care of people like you, H&A peeps. So watch out or else.

    I'm going to clean now, really...