Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I have to call out Truck

I just turned on the TV in the office.  I have the tunes cranked and some ideas for the blog.  I was all ready to go & then I remembered the inauguration and decided to turn the TV on so I could catch all the festivities.  

OMG!  His TV was on Fox News.  Not the Fox network.  The actual Fox "News" channel.  

I hope he has a really good explanation.

I had to turn up the Violent Femmes really loud just to cleanse my brain.


  1. You know he's a big time channel surfer. Maybe he just accidentally landed there right as he was turning the tv off. Or maybe he's crossed over to the other side...

  2. I am hurt and confused.... I feel like I am married to a stranger.

    He is really into politics, I can see him watching it just to get view that is different from his own.

    Oh no, I'm enabling! Would you care to participate in an intervention?

  3. I was watching a little of the Huckabee show. It has Mike Huckabee and he plays with a band called "The Little Rockers"!

    Fox is not my brand of politics, but guv Huck is pretty funny with his own show.

    Besides, it is my TV! When I turn on your TV if it is not Nick, it is Oxygen or Lifetime! I'll take Fixed News anyday!

  4. Also...I am having West Wing withdrawls! I should have brought a few DVD's, but I would have holed up in my room and watched 47 episodes and never finished my presentations, or attended my meeting for that matter!