Friday, January 9, 2009

So Truck and I went out tonight

I actually have a lot of stuff to discuss (thanks to my handy little voice recording app - I heart my iphone) but will not be getting to them tonight.

Here's the deal.  It is 9 p.m.  My belly is really full of shrimp and lobster.  I am half drunk - maybe three quarters.  And my kids are not home.....

Anyway, I have one thing I must get out before I forget.  Mostly because I didn't put it on the voice recorder and I am half - maybe five eighths drunk.

Truck and I don't go out much.  My regular readers know the facts:  we have two kids, he travels A LOT, I am really averse to leaving the house if I don't have to.  So tonight was a big deal. I put on eye make-up and high heals and an impractical but flattering outfit.  In other words, I went as all out as I will really ever go.

Truck knew I was making an effort.  He knew complements were appropriate.  However, he didn't quite get to the complements portion of the evening.

Here's what happened:

I finish getting ready.  I walk toward the office to round him up.  He is heading toward the bedroom to round me up.  We meet in the living room.  He says "Let me get a look at you."  I pause and purposefully do not pose. When you are 5 foot 2 inches you cannot pose without looking like a kid in her mom's church shoes and caked on lipstick.

He says (here it comes, my hard earned complement!) "Are those new shoes?  Oh, no, its those boots."


I effing curled my eyelashes!  I changed my BRA twice!  I actually put on nice socks under the boots knowing that they wouldn't even show!  What is wrong with you?

I looked great! 

I rarely look great.

I often look shitty.

I didn't get mad or even a little upset.  Its just how we are.  He means to say it, I know what he means.  We get on with life.  There is no drama here.  If you are looking for drama watch Greys Anatomy.  Those bitches would have been mad about the missed complement.  Not me, no way.


  1. What I meant to say was...Wow your boobs look great!

    But somehow it came out as...Are those new boots?

    Go figure.

  2. Same old boots, same old boobs. Good to know both pair still look good.

  3. Boots, boobs...whatever! At least you got to go out!