Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I gave a random man a funny story for when he gets to work

I really LOVE Tuesday.  Huck is in school, Worm is at Grandpa's, my cleaning ladies come to scrub the toilets and mop and all that other stuff I hate to do.  

After I drop Worm off at Grandpa's, the first thing I do is crank up a song I love and sing it all the way home.  This morning it was That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings. 

I really enjoy this song.  Great beat, fun lyrics.  I particularly like the line "They call me quiet, but I'm a riot."  That is so me.  The impression people get of me: organized, serious, quiet. That's not me once I let you in.  I can be those things, often I am.  But I am a riot too. 

Anyway, as I approached a stoplight, I had the stoplight dilemma.  The music is REALLY loud, do I turn it down until the light changes?  I decide: Hell No!  Its my Tuesday!

So there I am, the music is so loud I can feel it in my fingernails.  Then I see in my peripheral vision that a guy in a business suit with a cell phone glued to his ear is staring at me.  I almost turned it down, but then I remembered something about trudging into work everyday.  It is really fun to start the day with an anecdote.

You get your coffee and tell your coworkers a funny little story about what happened to you that morning.  A good conversation ensues and the day starts off on the right foot.

So I turned it up and began singing along and dancing a little.  I can still see this guy in my peripheral vision.  He has hung up the phone and is flat out staring at me.  I pretend not to know and keep right on singing.

Finally the light changes.  Right before I hit the gas, I give the guy a wave.  He started laughing and gave me a friendly double honk.