Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I should be getting my Mom of the Year Trophy any day now

Yesterday Huck mentioned that he would like some Cookie Crisp cereal.  I am a fan of the Crisp myself, so I picked up a box at the store.  Turns out Worm is a fan as well AND doesn't know it is not actually cookies.  I think Worm and I ate half the box before Huck got home from school.

Anyway, back to my award winning Mom-ness....

I had to attend a PTA board meeting during Worm's nap time so Grandma stayed at the house. Until yesterday I hadn't realized WHY those two hours are crucial to my sanity.  I thought nap time was just a nice break from the Worm. Turns out it is, for me, a VITAL break from all human contact. Spending my break discussing fundraisers, budgets, pick-up & drop-off lines, and other elementary school crap turned me into psycho mom.

By 4 p.m. I was feeling a mite hassled.  Worm was transitioning into late afternoon clingy mode and Huck was in full blown Monday after school cranky mode.  I put in a video that they will both usually watch, thinking it would buy me sometime to straighten up the house (yes, tidying the house actually helps me relax, it allows me to restore order in my environment - yes I have control issues).

The video did not work.  Huck alternated between jumping around like a loon and laying on the floor right where I needed to walk.  Worm followed me around asking for some new random thing every two minutes (Elmo, juice, cheese, Wiggles, ball, cracker, water, kitty-cat, up, down, go car, cookie).  He finally settled on Cookie Crisp (you wondered if I was every getting back to that didn't you?).  He then proceeded to dump it on the floor and wonder off.  

This is the floor that I just tidied.  Eye-twitching, pulse racing....

Huck then says "Can I have some Cookie Crisp too?"

I hollered, "NO!  Unless you want to eat what your brother dumped on the floor."

He did.

I suck.


  1. You admitted yourself that the floor was otherwise clean. I'm sure you didn't disinfect it recently, but I'm sure it was clean enough to eat off of. It will help build up his immune system either way! I'd have eaten it too!

  2. I think its the image of Huck scurrying around picking up stray cereal and stuffing them in his cheeks like a starving squirrel that has me so down on myself. It was funny and sad at the same time.