Thursday, January 15, 2009

So I might kill someone at AT&T

Shortly after we moved into our current home we began getting calls for B&J roofing and Ms. Johnson.  It was no big deal until the callers became collectors and the collectors became slightly menacing. Eventually I had our number changed.  I specifically requested a phone number that had never been used before.

We now get calls for Latina's Barber shop and Carmen.  The calls are not menacing yet, but they do come around 12:30 everyday.  

Worm is sleeping at 12:30.  I need my Worm free time like Jeff Conway needs his oxycontin.  If these calls wake up my baby one more time I will go postal on some poor AT&T customer service rep.

I would take the phone off the hook, but AT&T also messed up my internet and I can't use it if the phone is in use (Hello, 1994.)  I guess it will eventually get annoying enough for me to take care of.


  1. Well...can you just turn the ringers off? Or get DSL? Or totally change your child's naptime so it doesn't coincide with the menacing phone calls?

  2. DSL is what I had before the phone number change. The fuckers.

    Nap time change is out of the question. Any earlier and I don't get to run errands. Any later and I would have to wake him up to get Huck from school.

    The ringers are a possibility. But every ringer, every day? And then there is the remembering to turn them back on thing.

    Nope, would rather just bitch about it.

  3. I was just kidding about changing the little guys naptime! Do all the phones wake him up or just the one is Truck's office? Maybe think about getting him a noise maker. I know where you can get one for about $65.