Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I figured out how to get video on the blog

I got my videos posted, but I can't specify which ones I want to show or in what order. 

I didn't want the last video on the blog at all because (GASP) I say my kids' real names on it. Whatever.  I feel pretty certain that the only strangers who read my blog have gotten here by mistake.  In retrospect, I wouldn't do the nickname thing.  Its too hard to stay consistent with it.

The middle video should be watched before the first video.  Let me explain.  The middle video is of Worm hitting stuff (mostly me) with a plastic eggplant and then terrorizing the cat.  Cute stuff, but even better when followed by the video of Worm watching the recording of himself while he hits me with the plastic eggplant.  Notice he calls himself Baby now and not Poo.  

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