Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I have some random things to share

It is really cold today so I wanted to wear gloves.  I found three red gloves, none of them matched. Why would I have three unmatched gloves and why are they all red?  I don't wear much red or particularly like red.  I did eventually find one matching set (the mate was in my sock drawer - socks/gloves, its all cotton right?).

With these gloves on I hit the road.  I decide I would like to hear some tunes so I hook the iPhone into the auxiliary port in my dashboard.  I then realize that I cannot unlock the iPhone or operate the touch screen with gloves on.  That sucks, I just found them and now one or both of them will be lost in my car until summer.

Okay, phone unlocked.  New playlist selected.  Ready to rock.  Nope, skip that song.  Nah, not that one either.  Skip.  Skip. Skip.  What the hell?  I just spent twenty minutes building a playlist called Current Favorites and now I don't want to hear any of the songs on it.  

Gloves, buttons, tunes.  They are all out to get me today.  Do you think the heating repairman has anything to do with it?

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